#MYPChat 19Sept2013: Bringing the ATLs to life.

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This would be relevant for teachers & leaders in schools that:
- implement MYP and DP
- don't implement MYP but do feed into DP
- are interested in high school transitions

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Discussion Questions


  • Introduce yourself. Which Approach to Learning do *you* need to improve? Why?

Topic Questions

We'll use the Q1/A1 format in the chat, so please let us know which question you're referring to with A1, A2 etc. The moderator will try to keep up with the questions.

  1. How "visible" are the ATL's in your school?
  2. How are the ATLs organised/managed in your school? Who maps?
  3. How does the relative importance of ATLs change from MYP1-5?
  4. What do you think about the direction of ATL/ATTL in MYP:NC?
  5. How can we determine teacher readiness & help development regarding ATL's?
  6. Open Discussion.



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Image: ATL's and Skills Clusters (from MYP:NC dev. report on OCC).
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