Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.34.18 PM.png#MYPChat 17Oct2013: What is an IB Education?

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A key resource for this chat will be the IB document "What is an IB Education?" (pdf).

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Discussion Questions


Topic Questions

We'll use the Q1/A1 format in the chat, so please let us know which question you're referring to with A1, A2 etc. The moderator will try to keep up with the questions.

  1. Q1 What does "an IB education" mean to you?
  2. Q2 How closely does the mission of the IB match the mission of your school? How 'lived' are they?
  3. Q3 How does a "constructivist approach, leading to open, democratic classrooms" look in your context?
  4. Q4 Does the nature of the inquiry cycle change in your school/ context through the MYP?
  5. Q5 What do you hope for the future of IB education as it grows & becomes more 'globalist'?
  6. Open Discussion. Please share resources, stories & inspirations.

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