30 October 2014: Driving MYP implementation through collaborative planning and reflection, with Aloha Lavina (@alohalavina)C1_MYPChatOct30.jpg11.00 UTC (timecheck here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc)

Warm-up Tweets:

  1. Welcome to #MYPChat! Please introduce yourself and ensure you use the #MYPChat tag in all tweets.
  2. Resources for today's chat will be archived at mypchat.wikispaces.com #MYPChat
  3. We will use the Q1 A1 format - please let us know which question you are addressing. #MYPChat

Discussion Questions:

  1. Q1. How do you use collaborative time in your MYP? #MYPChat
  2. Q2. How do you use collaborative time to promote MYP understanding? #MYPChat
  3. Q3. What strategies might you use to strengthen collaboration as a norm? #MYPChat
  4. Q4. How does a collaborative culture sustain MYP practices? #MYPChat
  5. Q5. How do teachers experience inquiry in professional learning in your MYP? #MYPChat
  6. Free discussion: resource-sharing, questions & suggestions for future #MYPChat sessions.


Please suggest useful resources during the chat, and post links where possible.
  1. Got Data? Now What? by Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman
  2. Leading Adult Learning by Eleanor Drago-Severson

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