18 September 2014: Evaluating & Improving our MYP

09:00 UTC (timecheck here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc)
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Warm-up Tweets:

  1. Welcome to #MYPChat! Please introduce yourself and ensure you use the #MYPChat tag in all tweets.
  2. Resources for today's chat will be archived at mypchat.wikispaces.com #MYPChat
  3. We will use the Q1 A1 format - please let us know which question you are addressing. #MYPChat

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where are you and your school on the MYP journey? Candidate? Authorized? Evaluation? #MYPChat
  2. What do you see as the biggest fears around the process at your school (or you personally)? #MYPChat
  3. How can we encourage #GrowthMindset over fixed mindset regarding evaluation & improvement? #MYPChat
  4. Where will you look for support in the process in your school and beyond? #MYPChat
  5. Free discussion: resource-sharing, questions & suggestions for future #MYPChat sessions.


Please suggest useful resources during the chat, and post links where possible.
  1. Growth Mindsets in IB Programme Evaluation, [http://wp.me/p23YzW-gG]blog post by Stephen Taylor

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