16 October 2014: Academic Honesty in the MYP, with Dianne McKenzie (@dimac4)

09:00 UTC (timecheck here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc)
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Warm-up Tweets:

  1. Welcome to #MYPChat! Please introduce yourself and ensure you use the #MYPChat tag in all tweets.
  2. Resources for today's chat will be archived at mypchat.wikispaces.com #MYPChat
  3. We will use the Q1 A1 format - please let us know which question you are addressing. #MYPChat

Discussion Questions:

  1. a.) What does Academic Honesty mean to you b) how do you model Academic Honesty on a personal level? #MYPChat
  2. How is your Schools academic honesty policy implemented / embedded into the curriculum? #MYPChat
  3. What specific teaching or tools are undertaken by teachers to help students learn about Academic Honesty ? #MYPChat
  4. The new IB document on Academic Honesty is very clear about what needs to be included in an academic honesty policy, what process is happening at your school to review your current AH policy against the new guide? #MYPChat
  5. Free discussion: resource-sharing, questions & suggestions for future #MYPChat sessions.


Please suggest useful resources during the chat, and post links where possible.
  1. Academic Honesty in the IB Educational Context (pdf) by the IB
  2. Guide to effective citing and referencing (pdf) by the IB

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