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Mind full or mindful? Original image source unknown. Found at http://johnszen.com/?page_id=97

Welcome! Let us know who you are, your role and if it's your first time. Are you feeling mindful or mind-full at the moment?

Topic Questions
We'll use the Q1/A1 format in the chat, so please let us know which question you're referring to with A1, A2 etc. The moderator will try to keep up with the questions.

The Affective Cluster of ATL includes skills in Mindfulness, Perseverance, Emotional Management, Self-Motivation, Resilience. #MYPChat
Q1. What Affective skills are you already teaching and/or mapping and how? #MYPChat
Q2. How is your school supporting (or planning to support) teachers in the Affective cluster? #MYPChat
Q3. Do you have any Affective Cluster resources to share (teaching, mapping or research)? #MYPChat
Q4. Free discussion and sharing experience with the Affective Cluster. #MYPChat

  • MYP: From Principles to Practice (pre-publication), pages 90 onwards.
  • OCC link: pre-pub FPIP
  • ATTL Wikispace: Affective Cluster Page
    • If this is OK'd as fair use, we can use the wikispace to develop a community resource for teaching and mapping the Approaches to Teaching and Learning.

Summary of the Affective Cluster:

How can students manage their own state of mind?

Managing state of mind
From Planners to Practices: ATL resources wikispace
  • Mindfulness
  • Perseverance
  • Emotional management
  • Self-motivation
  • Resilience

Each skills cluster has a set of defined skills that can be developed.
Example: (Source: OCC link: pre-pub FPIP)

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