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Welcome! Let us know who you are, your role and if it's your first time. Are you at the end or the middle of the year? #MYPChat #ReflectiveThinking

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Topic Questions
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The #ReflectiveThinking Cluster of ATTL includes skills in interpretation, analysis, problem-solving, and evaluation.
Q1. What have you most enjoyed about the year? Why? #MYPChat
Q2. What challenges have you faced? #MYPChat
Q3. What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?#MYPChat
Q4: What is the most significant learning your have experienced or witnessed this year? #MYPChat
Q5. Free discussion and sharing experience/resources. #MYPChat

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  • ATTL Wikispace: ATL resources wikispace
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Reflective Skills from the Approaches to Learning: How can students be reflective?

(Re)considering the process of learning; choosing and using ATL skills
From Planners to Practices: ATL resources wikispace
  • Develop new skills, techniques and strategies for effective learning
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of personal learning strategies (self-assessment)
  • Demonstrate flexibility in the selection and use of learning strategies
  • Try new ATL skills and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Consider content
    • What did I learn about today?
    • What don’t I yet understand?
    • What questions do I have now?

  • Consider ATL skills development
    • What can I already do?
    • How can I share my skills to help peers who need more practice?
    • What will I work on next?

  • Consider personal learning strategies
    • What can I do to become a more efficient and effective learner?
    • How can I become more flexible in my choice of learning strategies?
    • What factors are important for helping me learn well?

  • Focus on the process of creating by imitating the work of others
  • Consider ethical, cultural and environmental implications
  • Keep a journal to record reflections

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Each skills cluster has a set of defined skills that can be developed.
Example: (Source: OCC link: pre-pub FPIP)

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