#MYPChat April 11 2013: In-school PD for MYP

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Thursday Mar 11, 2013. 11:00UTC (TBC)
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This Chat's topic: In-school professional development for MYP teachers.

This would be relevant for teachers in schools that:
- implement MYP and DP
- don't implement MYP but do feed into DP
- are interested in high school transitions

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Discussion Questions


  • Introduce yourself - name, place, role.

Topic Questions

Please suggest links & Q ideas by tweeting @IBiologyStephen and using #MYPChat or requesting edit access to this page.
  1. Share one moment of in-house MYP PD that you really appreciated.
  2. ONGOING Q: Please share non-IB PD resources that could strengthen our MYP practice.
  3. What do you *want* from in-school PD in MYP at your school?
  4. What are some most effective practices you have seen in school PD? Why?
  5. What are some least effective practices you have seen in school PD? Why?
  6. How do we *know* if PD has had an impact on student learning?
  7. "Curriculum-development *is* professional development". Discuss. Quote from DJ Condon, HOS Canadian Academy.

7. What's the right balance between school-driven and self-directed PD?
8. Professional development needs to feel uncomfortable. Discuss.

Resources & Links

Stimulus Docs from the IB

Other resources (more will be added as a result of our discussions)

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