Following #MYPChat

Following each chat, #MYPChat tagged tweets which fit the discussion will be Storified and saved to the appropriate page here.

You can also follow #MYPChat live at any time using these tools:

Responding to Others

If you want to reply to someone, hit the reply key on the tweet. However, only people who follow both of you will be able to see it.
If you want the exchange to be public, use a full-stop (or other text) before their Twitter name, e.g. ".@IBiologyStephen chat chat chat"
Remember, even though we only have 140 characters, we can still be polite.

Make sure that all posts use the #MYPChat hashtag or they won't be included in the Storify archive.


To include links to resources, posts, etc in your tweets, use a shortlinking service to save characters. This also applies to people editing the resources here on the Wikispace.

Some services you can use:

Suggesting #MYPChat topics

To suggest topics for future #MYPChat discussions, please add them (with links to stimulus material/ article) on Wallwisher here.