#MYPChat February 2013: Visible Thinking & ATLs in MYP
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Thursday Feb 21, 2013. 11:00UTC, immediately following #PYPChat
Check your time here: http://is.gd/MyUTC21Feb

This would be relevant for teachers in schools that:
- implement PYP and MYP
- implement MYP and accept students from PYP feeder schools
- are interested in MYP or visible thinking in MS-HS classes

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Following #MYPChat

Discussion Questions


  • Introduce yourself - name, place, role.
  • How do you see the role of ATLs in your school? What do you think about it? What do you wonder about how they could develop?

Topic Questions

Please suggest links & Q ideas by tweeting @IBiologyStephen and using #MYPChat
  1. How do we know students are learning and not just 'doing work'?
  2. Through the ATLs we "teach learning". Do any subject areas tend to do this more explicitly than others? Why?
  3. How can we connect ATLs to classroom application & become more than a box on the planner?
  4. What are some of your top resources for teaching or PD on ATLs?
  5. What are your 'go-to' ATLs or Visible Thinking routines and why?
  6. How can ATL and Visible Thinking help formative assessment, teaching & learning?
  7. Q re: ATTL in DP document. How does PYP inform the continuum? What can we learn from PYP?
  8. Using Visible Thinking routines as assessment tools: can it work?
  9. Take the challenge: incorporate a new thinking routine into class in the next week or two. Which one? Why?

Resources & Links

Stimulus Docs from the IB

Visible Thinking / Critical Thinking Resources

Ron Ritchart: Creating Powerful Learning Experiences (at the Smithsonian Institute):

#PYPChat did it first

There is a goldmine of links here: http://pypchat.wikispaces.com/Visible+Thinking

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