#MYPChat 23Jan 2014: Testing, Testing!

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Discussion Questions


  • Welcome! Let us know who you are, your role and if it's your first time.

Topic Questions

We'll use the Q1/A1 format in the chat, so please let us know which question you're referring to with A1, A2 etc. The moderator will try to keep up with the questions.

  1. Q1: What is the role of testing in your subject? Is it used?
  2. Q2: How do you organise testing? One lesson? Over a few? Open-book?
  3. Q3: Do you allow retakes or re-assessment? How do you make it work?
  4. Q4: What are your biggest concerns about designing effective tests for MYP?
  5. Q5: How can we build tests into learning experiences or make them more authentic?
  6. Open Discussion.


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