#MYPChat January 2013: Connecting the PYP and the MYP

Shortlink: http://is.gd/MYPChatJan2013

Thursday January 24, 2013. 11:00UTC, immediately following #PYPChat
Check your time here: is.gd/MyUTC

This would be relevant for teachers in schools that:
- implement PYP and MYP
- implement MYP and accept students from PYP feeder schools
- are interested in MYP

Following the chat, tweets using the #MYPChat hashtag will be Storified below.

Easy ways to follow the #MYPChat discussion:

Welcome Question:

  • Introduce yourself - name, place, role. What tune's stuck in your head? Don't forget to use #MYPChat in tweets.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do inquiry and concept-based learning look the same as in PYP?
  2. What are the biggest changes students experience between PYP and MYP?
  3. Where are some key areas of focus for staff PD regarding the transition?
  4. How can we make the transition seamless for students?
  5. What action or further learning do you want to take as a result of this #MYPChat?

Resources & Links

Stimulus Docs from the IB:

Further resources on Primary/Elementary to Secondary/Middle-School transitions:

Google Doc for suggested questions: Link

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