#MYPChat June 12 2013: Concept-based Teaching & Learning
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Stimulus for this month's chat:

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Stimulus questions

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  • Q1: Why *concepts* over *content*?
  • Q2: How might a #ConceptBL classroom look/ feel different from a regular classroom?
  • Q3: What first-step changes might work for MYP teachers moving into #ConceptBL?
  • Q4:

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Concept-based curriculum resources


Shortlink (?)
Lots of useful concept-driven learning links via #pypchat wiki
National Academies Press (2000). How people learn: brain, mind, experience & school. (online book)
Corwin.com Introduction to the Parallel Curriculum (pdf)
Lynn Erickson presents @IBAEM regional conference 2011, video embedded below.
Edna Sackson's post on concept-driven learning in action in a class. Clear and useful.


Some useful quotes
  • Video 08.35 "Facts are important [...] The question is balance. How much time are we spending on facts and how are we using the facts to develop deeper conceptual understanding that can transfer?"
  • Video 17.08 "If you cannot articulate what you want students to understand, then how do you know they have understanding?"

Storify: Questions & Resources

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