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Keeping #MYPChat Alive! by Stephen
  • ATL?
    Making the continuum work with an aligned ATL plan from PYP through DP/CP (however they apply)
  • Dave
    Unpacking new criteria. Some subjects (e.g. Arts) have been muchmore affected by the next chapter. Do schools have a common understanding of what the new criteria mean?
  • Jennifer
    We grade by trimester. I teach Years 1 & 2. How do others cover enough strands in each criteria to give a grading period score that is authentic?
  • Jennifer
    IDU rubrics for Years 1, 3, 5 with more explanation of the strand expectation.
  • Liis
    Example IDU planners would help along with detailed explanations about the planning process, reading the guidesdoes not do the trick for me
  • Nate
  • John Harvey
    @Marithe OFS use MUN as a tool for their IDU.
  • Stephen C 
    Applying contexts and integrating inquiry questions effectively throughout units
  • Nate
    Examples of units in the new 2014 format
  • Jaya
    MYP Community project examples especially related with Maths and Sciences
  • Stephanie
    Supporting MYP students in the Personal Project using technology.
  • Simon
    Perhaps the Learning 2.103 folks would be happy to team moderate on some of our lessons from the conference?Technology in the MYP Classroom as a topic?
  • The Beginners' Guide to MYP
    Getting started in the programme, supporting new teachers.
  • What is an IB education?
    Putting the philosophy at the heart of what we do. Planning for the bigger picture.
  • Juliana
    Ideas for interdisciplinary units / horizontal curriculum mapping.How can we connect across different subjects using MYP concepts ?