#MYPChat March 21 2013: MYP to DP Transitions

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Thursday Mar 21, 2013. 11:00UTC (TBC)
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This would be relevant for teachers in schools that:
- implement MYP and DP
- don't implement MYP but do feed into DP
- are interested in high school transitions

Note: Stephen's breakout session at the #IBAPC2013 on Sat Mar 23 will be on the same topic. The resources will be posted here.
It would be great to provide some useful material to contribute to Stephen's talk on Saturday!

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Discussion Questions


  • Introduce yourself - name, place, role.

Topic Questions

Please suggest links & Q ideas by tweeting @IBiologyStephen and using #MYPChat or requesting edit access to this page.
  1. What are some of the choicest quotes you've heard from students/ faculty about the relationship between MYP and DP?
  2. How do you approach grade 10 (MYP Year5) - is it a culmination of the MYP inquiry based program or preparation for the content driven DP?
  3. What are the difference in assessment in MYP and DP? How do we prep students to succeed at DP?
  4. Does MYP prepare students for high stakes exams in DP?
  5. How can we help students cope with the difference between MYP concepts and DP content?

Resources & Links

Stimulus Docs from the IB

A Study of Successful Practices in the IB Continuum Hong Kong Institute for Education, 2010
Creating Coherence in IB World Schools Dr. Philip Hallinger, Dr. Allan Walker, 2010
Concurrency of Learning in the IB DP and MYP Roger Marshman, 2010

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