#MYPChat Discussion 3 (November 2012): Differentiation in the MYP
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Thursday 8 November, 2012, 10.00 - 11.00 (am) UTC (check time here:

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Questions to think about:
Q1: What forms of differentiation do you use most often and why?
- Differentiation of: content, product, process, affect,
- Differentiation by: readiness, interest, learning profile
Q2: How do you cater for students who excel beyond the descriptors of the rubric? How to keep them engaged when they have already achieved top scores?
Q3: If you modify programmes or assessments for students, how does the school provide for them once they reach IBDP? Do they join IBDP or alternatives available?
Q4: What tools, including tech, do you find useful in implementing differentiation?

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Discussion links & resources

Shortlink (?)
Some interesting ideas to get the thinking started. Not much else beyond Session 1 though.
Learning Diversity and the IB Continuum of International Education, by Jayne Pletser, IBO.
Special educational needs within the International Baccalaureate programmes (IBO)
Differentiation Central - lots of resources from Carol Ann Tomlinson
Dare to Differentiate wiki - loads of links and resources
Students with Disabilities, from Imagine Learning.

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