#MYPChat Discussion 2 (October 2012): Transitions PYP to MYP and MYP to DP.
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Stimulus for this month's chat:

Discussion wil run on Twitter on 2 Oct 2012, 12:00-13:00 UTC and will be archived here. Please use the #MYPChat hashtag.
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Post ideas for questions and stimulus materials here:
  1. How can we avoid a 'dip' following PYP?
  2. What should MYP & DP teachers learn from PYP teachers?
  3. Beyond "pre-teaching": what is the best prep for DP?

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Discussion links & resources

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IB: Continuum of International Education (pdf)

IB Position Paper: concurrency of learning in MYP and DP

"What is an IB Education?"

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