#MYPChat May 30 2013: Project-Based Learning (PBL)

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This Chat's topic: Project-Based Learning

This would be relevant for teachers in schools that:
- implement MYP and DP
- don't implement MYP but are thinking about it/moving towards it.

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Discussion Questions


  • Introduce yourself - name, place, role.

Topic Questions

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1.Can you share a PBL unit/project that you think is successful?
2. When is PBL inappropriate or challenging and is there a place for traditional projects in the classroom?
3. Can PBL and standardised content exist?
4. Is there room for authentic PBL in a content-heavy course?
5. How do we assess PBL effectively? Standards? Grade?
6. "A good MYP classroom already follows PBL." Discuss.
7. Does PBL need to be authentic and meaning full for students?
8. How do you keep students working at an appropriate level (not struggling beyond their ability?)


Resources & Links

Stimulus Docs from the IB

Useful Links for this Discussion

Project Based learning vs. Projects
Project Based Learning - Edutopia
Good overview on PBL
Connecting STEM and PBL - A 5 Part Series from 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning
10 Apps for More Organized PBL - TeachThought
A Checklist for Authentic PBL - Buck Institute for Education
A Sample Human Body PBL Unit
Do's and Don'ts for Better PBL - Education Week Teacher
PBL Overview - 3 min Youtube Video
Seven Essentials for PBL
Also check out Twitter: #PBL
Teaching for the Future - From @amichetti